Throughout my whole professional career, I had and actually, still have, the opportunity to work on specific technology development topics. Often these technologies find their origin in the classical, fundamental research stage.

A good example to mention in this context is Philips Research, where I developed a very solid network with some
key-departments and people.

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As mentioned in the ABOUT section, I am passionate about what I do. In addition, I always like to maintain a clear link to any technology and daily engineering related aspects. Saying so, the development of technology, through specific (concept & design) engineering activities is one of my core expertises.

In addition, I’m very well aware to keep the commercial goals of a company in mind.

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The total Intellectual Property (IP) of a company is often referred to as ‘collected intellectual capital’.
A part of the valuation of start-up companies, especially technology related in the earlier pre-revenue phase, is a clear focus at the collected intellectual capital (or IP).

Such IP involves a/o the company’s patent portfolio, copy rights, trade secrets, know how, technology capabilities and key-people.

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Starting with an idea, related technology and business, need to be build up from scratch.
Many aspects need to be organized and be in place before moving to the next phase.
The (start-up) concept, company potential and -structure need to be defined upfront so all stakeholders are confident the company is heading in the right direction.

By definition, a start-up is a young company, founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to the market.

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