Hi, I am Eric Derckx and I like to tell you a bit more about myself, the Founder and CEO of Derckx Consultancy B.V.

My ancestors and many of my family members are ‘quite a bunch’ of successful entrepreneurs, all blessed with a great sense of business and related skills. Saying so, a certain part of that family aspect is covered through my genes.

As an entrepreneur I like to initiate and develop technology related topics with a clear objective to bring these to the market in a successful manner. Often these topics relate to specific early-phase ideas, products or services, however in many recent cases it simply relates to the actual companies representing such ideas, products or services, either as large multi-national company (department of affiliate) or as start-up.

I am a very passionate about what I do and take full ownership of my projects and roles, by personal investment of specific time/effort, capabilities & expertise, international industry network and where needed: dedicated resources (investment funds). For me, always maintaining the connection to a technology or daily engineering aspect is very important.

A bit more in detail, my background and track record are in all-round system engineering and technology management, with specialties in general (consumer) electronics, semiconductor, display applications and IP generation.
I led numerous multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural engineering teams, holding key-positions in a number of larger international organizations as well as startup companies. As a technology developer, I like to provide a bridge across the creation, research and commercial development phases.

Education-wise, I have engineering degrees in Electronics Engineering (cum laude) and Technology Management.
After the Technical University I started my working career within Philips Electronics. From junior and senior engineering roles, I moved on to chief engineering, architect, program management and various group management positions within the Philips Semiconductor and Philips Mobile Display Systems organizations. Doing so, I was able to develop the unique combination of deep technical capabilities in analog & digital (mixed signal) electronics, semiconductor and display related system engineering, as well as program management, technology and group/people management skills. In many of my early roles I worked in the hearth of technology and product development, bridging R&D, technology and product/market. At the same time consolidating and standardizing the development process and technology roadmaps with key-accounts in the specific areas of expertise.

After the Philips period, I joined my first start-up adventure: Liquavista.
Within this start-up I developed the electrowetting display technology, holding a key management responsibility, covering the engineering & development (display cell & module design, TFT array design, display driving, optical, various R&D), IP and general company management. Doing so I set up engineering organizations in both The Netherlands as well as China / Hong Kong and developed a huge display and semiconductor industry and supplier network in Europe, the US and Asia. During this start-up ride, I also joined the executive management team and as a team result successfully completed the merger & acquisitions by both Samsung and Amazon. I continued to develop the electrowetting display technology under both companies for another 5-year period.

Per mid of 2016, I left Amazon-Liquavista, to found my own company Derckx Consultancy B.V.
A new company was born, where I continued to explore my own business covering: innovation (briding R&D, technology and product/market), engineering (mixed-signal electronics, semiconductor, display), IP (generation, review & portfolio management) and start-up (coaching, founding, organization, financing, general management).

Doing so I already delivered and/or completed a number of successful projects.
For details about the latter, please refer to the section Projects.