Voerconcept Coen van Gorp

Voerconcept Coen van Gorp (VCG) is a late 2021 startup initiative founded by a team of experts and entrepreneurs from The Netherlands. Over the years, the creative and innovative pig farmer Coen van Gorp and his wife Marlijn developed a leading feeding concept for various types of animals and secured this as key-IP via various patent filings. The objective of this concept is to maximise animal welfare and minimize environmental emissions, by providing the animals with natural animal feed, without any improper additives.

Coen started a trial of this concept on his own pig population within his own farm and developed his own pig feed according a baseline process with standard ingredients and production machines. The results are very promising with lots of potential on a global scale. Recently this feeding concept got awarded with ‘The best idea in pig country 2021’ (= Dutch ’Het beste idee van varkensland 2021’ trophy), by a jury of recognised agricultural representatives.

VCG will further develop upon this and will bring the full feeding concept to the market by the development of specific business elements like: dedicated product & services, expertise, technology & process development, equipment, pilots, partnerships, licensing models, governmental support, etc…

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Founder
  • Company strategy
  • Program & daily operational management
  • Core IP
  • Partnerships
  • Investment

Boca Beach Diving 

Based in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, Boca Beach Diving is a local scuba dive center, providing various diving, snorkeling and beach related products and services via the dive shop. Most relevant for tourists and locals are the dive trainings, guided diving trips and scuba dive materials. However also partnerships with dive trip charters, environmental coral restoration programs and other initiatives will be developed. The company got founded per mid 2021 and got registered in Curaçao, Boca Sami (Boca St. Michiel) on the actual local beach.

As B.V. the company developed a few business concepts, with Boca Beach Dive Center being the primary one. Other trade names are: Boca Beach Dive Club and Boca Beach Ocean Club.


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Founder
  • Investor
  • Company strategy
  • Non-operational


SmartKem is a leading supplier of application-specific organic materials for electronic applications including the new plastic backplane market driving LED, LCD, EPD and OLED devices.
Smartkem works with organic semiconductor TFT (OTFT) based technology.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Tasks & responsibilities:

  • Core IP
  • Driver silicon specification & development with identified partner suppliers.
  • Conceptual designs of OTFT based LCD and OLED reference displays with display manufacturing partners in Asia.
  • Device level design & testing.


Female consumer endoscopy camera product which help improving cervical cancer diagnosis and aiding ‘see and treat’ programs.

Sittard, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Concept design.
  • Architecture of an endoscopy camera system.
  • Read-out and wifi communication options of device.


Entertainment only limited by your imagination…

Since music, video and gaming categories together cover the majority of available apps,
it was a simple choice for Rezzonation to give consumers the opportunity to merge them together in the ONE app,
manage them and share with each other through interactive elements.

In the ONE app consumers can connect, manage and share their experiences (in real time).

Rezzonation brings together entertainment with social media, regardless of service provider.
Till this day, all entertainment is originally social media focused, but unfortunately,
technology has driven it to an individual, solitary experience.
We’re about to re-socialize entertainment!

Due to the fact that Rezzonation is entirely independent, the consumer determines which channels to integrate, the ONE app will remain relevant at all times. This ensures more interaction and activity than the use of “separate individual apps”. In addition, the app saves valuable memory space and battery usage.

Be part of the next entertainment revolution!

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Founder
  • CEO


Light distribution & shutter concept, based on electrowetting principles.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Company re-organization.


Electrowetting based outdoor signage displays.
Etulipa’s products can be used in a wide range of applications.
From billboards to electronic Changeable Copy Boards and from wayfinding to wall scaping or even color coding.
Etulipa reflective outdoor screens are the only direct alternative to LED-screens. The use of Etulipa reflective outdoor displays will greatly contribute to sustainability.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • White paper of TFT based electrowetting display concept

  • Concept design of the first Etulipa full color AM-TFT electrowetting display technology demonstrator.

  • Design and implementation with strategic supply and manufacturing partners in Asia.



Touch Biometrix  are industry leaders in the field of semiconductors, algorithms and product design. We’re a fabless supplier of a new fingerprint sensing platform that offers ultra-thin sensors of any shape or size. With proprietary thin film transistor sensing technology and a market changing new manufacturing model. Touch Biometrix will deliver a biometric sensor that offers ease of integration into an unlimited number of products on flat or curved surfaces and all at a fraction of competing silicon based fingerprint sensing technology. 

St. Asaph, Wales & Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Co-founder
  • CTO


eLstar Dynamics is developing the most versatile technology for switchable glass with experience in display development, commercialization of technology and project management. The ‘smart glass technology’ is being developed for commercial & domestic buildings and the transport industry to increase comfort levels and decrease energy consumption.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Due Diligence
  • Engineering & Design
  • IP review & generation
  • Company & engineering strategy