As mentioned in the ABOUT section, I am passionate about what I do. In addition, I always like to maintain a clear link to any technology and daily engineering related aspects.

Saying so, the development of a technology, through specific (concept & design) engineering activities is another one of my core expertise and business elements.

Specific engineering capabilities that I own and further offer as a service:

  • General (consumer & industrial) product engineering
  • Electronics engineering, mixed-signal (analog & digital) design
  • System architecture and related conceptual design definition
  • Semiconductor IC specification, design (with a selected partner) and evaluation
  • Display & sensor design (with a selected partner)
  • Thin Film Transistor (amorphous silicon, poly silicon, oxide, organic TFT) based design trade off
  • Power Management definition, ACDC and DCDC power conversion solutions
  • Modeling & simulation, circuit and parameter based
  • Hands on module development, i/e integrated electrical, mechanical, optical design
  • Test engineering, definition of required test methodologies and plan
  • Reverse engineering from reference or competition products and/or related tear-downs
  • Various tbd other

In case you are in need for any of such ENGINEERING capabilities or support, please do not hesitate to contact me.