The total Intellectual Property (IP) of a company is often referred to as collected intellectual capital. A part of the valuation of start-up companies, especially technology related in the earlier pre-revenue phase, is done by looking at the collected intellectual capital (or IP).

Such IP involves a/o the company’s patent portfolio, copy rights, trade secrets, know how, technology capabilities and key-people.

For specific businesses both start-up as well as more mature companies, access to specific IP via e/g a (technology) license is a key factor for the overall success. Saying so, the generation, maintenance, retention and security aspects of IP are very important to any company.

Often a review of the IP position and/or definition of an IP strategy are first actions to. In this case the IP strategy is defined as: the development of a course of actions that develops and utilizes intellectual property to enable a company to sustainably realize higher value, higher prices, increase market share and/or maintain lower cost than the competition.

Specific IP related capabilities that I own and further offer as a service:

  • General IP review or due-diligence
  • Definition of IP strategy
  • Idea brainstorming, looking at patentability
  • Preparation of concept filing
  • Guide patent filing process (with a partner patent & IP attorney company)
  • Guide trade name & trademark (copyright) protection
  • Draft claims & specification review and discussion
  • Patent filing strategy, i/e national vs. PCT continuation
  • IP agreements & documentation (with Legal)
  • Technology licensing (with Legal)
  • Various tbd other

In case you are in need for any of such IP capabilities or support, please do not hesitate to contact me.