Project Description


Entertainment only limited by your imagination…

Since music, video and gaming categories together cover the majority of available apps,
it was a simple choice for Rezzonation to give consumers the opportunity to merge them together in the ONE app,
manage them and share with each other through interactive elements.

In the ONE app consumers can connect, manage and share their experiences (in real time).

Rezzonation brings together entertainment with social media, regardless of service provider.
Till this day, all entertainment is originally social media focused, but unfortunately,
technology has driven it to an individual, solitary experience.
We’re about to re-socialize entertainment!

Due to the fact that Rezzonation is entirely independent, the consumer determines which channels to integrate, the ONE app will remain relevant at all times. This ensures more interaction and activity than the use of “separate individual apps”. In addition, the app saves valuable memory space and battery usage.

Be part of the next entertainment revolution!

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Founder
  • CEO
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